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Kevin Lax

My Qualifications : 

1. BA (Hons), Politics and East Asian Studies, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, (1990)

2. Diploma in Translation* (Chinese>English), Chartered Institute of Linguists Educational Trust,2006 .

*  "A widely recognised international qualification which provides a real measure of professional competence".  "It is a postgraduate level equivalent qualification intended to test the ability of those who wish to progress into careers as freelance translators or work for corporations worldwide, to a professional standard."

 Source: Chartered Institute of Linguists website.)

3. Member, Chartered Institute of Linguists**, UK.  Membership number: 022420

**The Chartered Institute of Linguists is the UK's leading organisation for professional translators.

About Me :

*I was born in Sheffield, UK in March 1966.

*I lived in China 1987-1989, Taiwan 1990-2004 and have been based in Shanghai since 2005.

*I am an accomplished Chinese>English translator, a native speaker of English.

*I am adept at Chinese-English translation in a variety of areas (including laws and regulations, contracts, patents, business, industry, history, art, culture, politics and defence) and I am also able to do scientific and technical translations to a high standard.

*I have substantial translation experience (15 years). I have done translations for many government bodies, museums and companies in Taiwan, China and Europe.

*My Chinese level is very advanced after several years of formal and informal language study and 20 years living in a Chinese language environment in China. My Chinese reading ability is excellent, allowing me to grasp the full meaning of the Chinese document (and if I have any doubt I ask my partner who is a native Chinese speaker from Taiwan).

*I have extensive knowledge of China and Taiwan's culture, politics, economy and society.

*I am comfortable working with both traditional characters (as used in Taiwan and HK) and simplified characters (as used in China)

*I am an educated native speaker of English and able to write English to a high professional standard.

*I work very quickly, but without sacrificing quality, and also respect deadlines.

*I have 24-hour broadband Internet and email access at home. I am very easy to reach by e-mail.

* I make effective use of the Internet when translating, ensuring I find the correct names and special terms.

* I am, in short, a professional Chinese>English translator you can trust.